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Informacje na temat koronawirusa (covid-19)

Gmina Kävlinge ściśle monitoruje rozwój koronawirusa oraz dyrektywy wydane przez szwedzkie władze. Tutaj znajdziesz najnowsze informacje od gminy na temat koronawirusa (covid-19).

Informacje z Folkhälsomyndigheten po polsku.länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Wskazówki aby chronić siebie i innych przed koronawirusem (pdf)PDF


Informacje dla opiekunów

Przedszkola i szkoły gminy Kävlinge są otwarte jak zwykle i postępują zgodnie z zaleceniami Folkhälsomyndigheten . Oznacza to, że obowiązkowa nauka jest kontynuowana. Prosimy jednak o zatrzymywanie chorych dzieci w domu.

Zaleca się, aby chorzy pozostali w domach

Folkhälsomyndigheten uważa, że ​​istnieje bardzo wysokie ryzyko publicznego rozprzestrzenienia się koronawirusa w Szwecji. Wzywają wszystkich z objawami infekcji dróg oddechowych, nawet łagodnych, do rezygnacji z kontaktów społecznych, które są narażone na rozprzestrzenianie się infekcji.

Stricter general recommendations in Skåne 27 October – 17 November 2020

• Everyone should avoid indoor environments where there is a risk of crowding, such as stores and shopping centres. Only visit establishments such as grocery stores and pharmacies when necessary.
Avoid environments where many people gather at once. Consider other options for exercise so as to avoid crowding in venues such as sporting facilities, gyms or swimming baths.

• Everyone should avoid socialising with people other than those they live with or see on a weekly basis.
Avoid organising or participating in parties or other private events. Socialising with people other than those you live with or see regularly increases the risk of spreading infections.

• Everyone should avoid using public transport in all its forms. Travel deemed unavoidable, such as to work, school or healthcare appointments are always permissible.
Help reduce crowding on public transports so that those who need to travel or lack any other alternatives can travel safely. Maintain distance, be considerate, and let others exit the vehicle before you enter.

• Everyone over the age of 15 are advised not to participate in any form of sporting events. Exceptions are only made for professional athletes and students at upper-secondary schools with a sports profile.
Everyone, regardless of their age, are advised not to organise or participate in sporting competitions or tournaments where many people gather and travel is required. Exceptions are made for professional athletes.

• All businesses should take action to minimise the number of visitors at any one time, adjust their opening hours and offer digital alternatives.
Help reduce crowding. Avoid organising activities that cause many people to gather in one place. The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s provisions and general recommendations apply to restaurants, bars, etc. The venue should be equipped with markings to indicate distances and be refurnished to help reduce crowding.

• Employers should facilitate personnel working from home and encourage them to do so whenever possible. Business trips, conferences and other physical meetings should be avoided.
Facilitate the personnel’s ability to work from home. Avoid physical meetings where many people gather at once.

The County Administrative Board’s decision concerning crowd size

• The Skåne County Administrative Board has decided to limit the number of people who may participate in public gatherings and events in Skåne to 50.
Concerts and other types of performances can be conducted, provided that the organisers observe the crowd size limit of 50 people and the general recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. This decision remains in effect until 30 November.

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