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Discover Kävlinge Municipality

Rivers, the sea and open countryside make Kävlinge ideal for outdoor recreation, including beautiful walks, swimming and water sports.


The Kävlinge/Lödde River winds its way for fifty kilometres from Lake Vombsjö to the Öresund Sound. Glide along in a canoe or on a raft, enjoy the peace and quiet, or catch huge pike from some of Sweden’s best pike waters.

Järavallen Nature Reserve has jogging tracks, bridle paths, a swimming lake and a viewing platform for bird-watchers. For a full-day hike, follow the orange signs of the Skåneleden Trail for 21 km from Järavallen to Löddeköpinge. Another way of exploring the municipality is by bike. There is an excellent network of cycle paths, with plenty of routes to choose between.

Kävlinge Municipality is also a great destination for golfers. Here you’ll find three golf clubs, including the internationally renowned Barsebäck Golf & Country Club.

Discover the best of what the coast has to offer at the historic fishing villages of Barsebäckshamn and Vikhög, which are now popular marinas. Take a trip onto the Öresund Sound on board a fishing boat, or enjoy a picnic in the harbour. Just a 20 minute walk from Barsebäckshamn is Barsebäcks Saltsjöbad, one of Kävlinge’s most popular bathing spots.

As well as a wealth of cultural and leisure activities, Kävlinge Municipality also boasts excellent shopping. Its proximity to the water and communication routes made Kävlinge famous as a trading place as far back as the Viking Age. This proud tradition lives on today at Handelsplats Center Syd and Lödde Centrumgalleria shopping centres, and at Kävlinge town centre.


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