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To do

There’s so much to discover in Kävlinge Municipality. From Barsebäck with its golf, bathing and sailing via the Kävlingeån river with one of the best pike-fishing locations in Europe to football, riding and handball.

Kävlinge’s landscape offers varied, attractive countryside with avenues of trees, valleys, rapids and waterfalls, and a landscape featuring ancient remains from long ago.

The municipality’s boundary consists of virtually undeveloped coast in the west with lots of beautiful walks. The Saxån and Kävlingeån rivers, which run along the municipality’s boundaries to the north and south, offer recreation and opportunities for fishing and canoeing. Järavallen, Vikhög and Barsebäckshamn are just some of the attractive places worth visiting.

Golf i Barsebäck
Kanot i Lödde å

Uppdaterad 2014-06-02

Besöksadress: Kullagatan 2 i Kävlinge
Postadress: Kävlinge kommun, 244 80 Kävlinge

046-73 90 00